Making Poetic Adjustments

I changed the design of this art and poetry blog and would love opinions about the new look.

I also want to revamp what I do here and focus a bit more. My other blog is all about short story writing while this blog is all about my art and poetry. But I have played around so much this past year that I need to narrow my focus.

I want to include images of my art journal pages because that is the kind of art I am into right now. Not art for sale or display but the artistic and poetic ramblings of my crazy and tangled mind. Art journaling is a combination of images--photos, free images from the internet, stamped images and images cut from magazines. It combines an image or two with various background techniques and allows me to experiment with different media like watercolor, acrylics, inks, collage which I find so pleasurable.

All of this visual stuff is then translated into words which can be stamped from phrase stamps, cut from magazines, or written in my own handwriting (not my preferred addition to art journal pages.) For this blog I want to add poems to the art. The poems will either be incorporated to the journal layout or posted separately. It all depends on what comes through when I'm in the process of creating.

I look forward to working more in this blog. Sharing poems I create in online classes and discussing the craft and process of poetry writing. 

It's all a learning process for me and I hope it will become a learning journey for you as you read and share my blog posts.


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