A Marriage of Poetry and Art

So today it seems the title of this blog is particularly appropriate. As Frank and I sat on the couch, sipping coffee and absorbing the bright sunshine we came up with a plan. True we have been brewing this idea for a long while but with the help of some outside inspiration and the time I now have since I've retired it's time to put our plan into action.

Marriage is the key word here. I've been working toward a style of marrying my art with my poems. Frank and I, of course, are married. And we are looking for a way to create an online business that marries my poetry with his art. We are also looking for venues from which to sell all the pieces of art that are accumulating in our little apartment in order to create space for more inspired art and poetry to flow.

So we are toasting to our new adventure!

It will take some time to figure this all out. To create a bigger online presence. Expand this blog and post more frequently. And to establish an etsy shop as well as finding other places to sell our work.

While we work at the business end we will continue to create art.

Frank will paint more scenes from photos we have taken.

I am creating a notebook of his paintings and writing poems to pair with them in order to make an art and poetry book.

This is a very exciting adventure. We hope you will follow along as we keep you updated on our progress.

Wish us luck and please comment with any advice or suggestions! We will need much help along the way!


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