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A Varied Style of Art

Now that I have more time for art I am trying out different techniques and styles. It seems every art magazine or book I pick up, every art blog I explore and every youtube art video I watch sparks new inspiration. So many materials and so many styles. Right now I am focusing on three particular styles.
The first is the art journal style of Vicky Papaioannou using a moleskin sketchbook and various techniques and materials as a tissue paper background covered with a gesso wash, distress paints or gelatos to color the background and art stamps for the focal point image. Quotes or feelings become the launch pad for layouts.
The second style I've been exploring you've seen here before and that's creating paper doll layouts using Julie Nutting stamps. These layouts can also be part of art journaling since the ideas and quotes can reflect what's going on inside my heart and soul.

The background in this layout is a very light pink and doesn't pick up when scanned and the gro…