A Blending of Poetry and Art

Since I've been retired every day seems like a weekend, but a Saturday amidst a blizzard is an especially artsy poetic day. 

Over the past months I've shared a lot of my art here on the blog but that seems to be veering away from the concept of putting art and poetry together. I am still trying to work out a style that I like to blend my poems with my art and here is a new attempt that I think works.

from the emptiness
of the lute's soul
haunted melodies
pray for fullness

I liked the green background with the brown of the lute image but my preference is for softer colors so have to work on some backgrounds and pair them with images and poems.

As for the etsy shop I am thinking to create these poem art pieces in an 8x8 or 8x10 size for wall hangings and then create notecards and/or bookmarks from the same art pieces.

The shop by the way will be called "The Artsy Poet's Shop" and I hope that works. I will be selling my poetry book in the shop as well. And, hopefully, a new collection when it gets published. I am saying "when" not "if" to keep a positive outlook.

I'll let you know when the etsy shop is open for business. I'm aiming for the next day or two as soon as I figure out how to do this!

I have a wonderful photo of the snow outside our window that Frank took this morning.

I'm going to turn it into a mixed media piece and write a poem to go with it. Looks a bit ethereal to me so I will lean in that direction for the mood of the poem and the art.


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