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New Art and Poetry Journeys

Yes it has been a very long time since I posted on this blog! You see we have been busy moving across the country from New York to California. It began with an online search of apartments in Southern California back in January and then in May we flew out here to find a new place to live.

We are settled now and loving life on the west coast.

Now of course it's time to get back to art and poetry.
I plan to expand this blog a bit and incorporate more of my own poems turned into art work as well as share some of the special poems I've read and enjoy over and over again. To me poetry, both writing and reading it, is a form of meditation. Art serves that purpose as well, helping me to stay focused and block our the negativity of today's world. I find solace in art and poems and want to spread that feeling of calm serenity to my readers. My hope is that my posts will bring that same sense of peace to you. 
I would like to call this blog Zen Poet and will work on refiguring this …