A Question about Art

As the first snowflakes of the year begin to fall outside my window I am about to enter a brand new venture. I am going to open up a shop on etsy to sell the art I create that incorporates my poems. Of course there are other forms of art and perhaps books that I can sell, but one corner of the shop at a time.

The first step in getting an etsy shop is to come up with a name for the shop. The name has to incorporate keywords that search engines will use to drive customers to my store. For me those key words are "art," "poetry," "mixed media." So Frank helped me brainstorm a little this morning and we came up with a few ideas. I'd love my readers to vote on these titles so I can get this shop opened up.

Here are our thoughts:

  • Poetic Art by Renee
  • Poetic Art Inspirations
  • The Artsy Poet's Shop
  • Renee's Poetic Art
Please send in your votes so I can get rolling!!!


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