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I have just discovered the wonderful process of doodling. Creating a tangle of lines, idly moving the pen across the toothy surface of a painted page, is like meditating. I remove myself from the world and enter the trance and pleasure of my heart and soul. I can see I will be doodling a lot on my art journal pages from now on and adding my poetry to the process. Here is what I wrote on this particular page:

Life unfurls her beauty,
creating a path
for you to follow
if only you will heed her call
to step into the wonder of it all
and create your days as if
in a land where dreams live.
Plant your roots
and ideas will sprout
as you blossom
into your authentic self.


 against blue sky
red leaves
vibrant and alive
a color I've looked for
all of my life

It's a new year. 2012. What does this year bring for me? I see art and poetry in this year, more than last year. I see more writing than before. My writing muscles seem to have atrophied and I have to bring them back by writing flash fiction, poems and journaling.I want a year in which there is calm and solitude, more forays into nature and more time to be authentically myself.  This means taking time in the morning and at night to read poetry, write and meditate. It means me, being me, no matter what challenges I face at work all day. I must preserve that time and those activities to keep me sane. And part of it means posting more consistently on this blog.

I almost started a new blog to honor my commitment to writing flash fiction, but why add to my obligations. I'll wait until I'm ready for that. For now, I hope to be here more often and hear from more of you.

Please also share your art a…