Wow! It's been so long since I posted on this blog. I have been busy working on my novel and writing short stories so I have had little time for anything art related. But now I have a way to get back here and keep my loyal readers entertained and I hope pleased. April is National Poetry Month and in honor of that I have given myself a challenge. I am going to post a poem and art piece every day for the month of April. Since I am presently taking an online class from Lorraine Mejia-Green in Japanese poetic forms I am going to make my April poems in the five line form of tanka. I love the lyric form and it blends quite well with mixed media art.

If I am up for it I hope to keep this challenge going and make each month a different poetic form. This will keep me engaged in both art and writing and challenge me to improve my poetry writing craft. Right now I am off to complete the first piece so I can post it in time for April 1st.

Happy National Poetry Month to you all!


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