Serendipity in the Land of Art and Poetry

Those who believe in the Law of Attraction know that what you emit you also attract into your life. I also believe that if you focus your thoughts on what you want to achieve the universe will reward you with unexpected opportunities. The past couple of weeks have gifted me with many magical opportunities and chances to expand my creative life.

The first was an email from the Long Island Romance Writers group announcing an author book event at the South Huntington Library. I have applied and been accepted and will be offering my books for sale and hoping to meet and speak to other writers and share the triumphs and tribulations of a writer's life.

The event will be held on April 9. I believe this opportunity came to me because I have been focused on writing my romantic women's fiction series and have consequently rekindled my interest and participation both in LIRW and Romance Writers of America.

I also came across a post on facebook about Long Island Writers House in Huntington Village. I looked at the website, shared the discovery with the women in my writers' group and then put it aside. But while participating this month in Write A Thin, sponsored by the Womens Fiction Writers Association, I decided to pursue it a little further. I emailed LIWH and made contact with the founder and director of this wonderful new establishment offering many opportunites for writers. 

A return email from Karen Levine created a new connection with a wonderful friend in the making. After viewing my blog she suggested an art exhibit and poetry reading at Long Island Writers House and we have scheduled that for May 7. You can find more information at

In addition I met with Karen and discovered we have quite a bit in common and spent an exciting and enjoyable two and a half hours chatting about art and writing. She also offered her space as a venue for me to teach Journal to the Self writing workshops which I have been wanting to do since I became certified as a Journal Instructor.

I can see this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

So many wonderful writing things are coming to me now that I am spending more of my time thinking about writing and actually working on a solid writing project like the romantic women's fiction series.

I also recently discovered a bookstore/wine bar in Rockville Centre called The Turn of the Corkscrew which offers self-published authors a chance to sell books through their author events. Though I missed out on the one being held tomorrow there will be others in the future that I plan to participate in.

The world is conspiring to boost my writing life and I am immensely grateful.


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