National Poetry Month and Mother's Day

April is National Poetry Month and so I am writing more poems and sending my present collection out for more contests and publishers and hoping for the best. Next month is Mothers' Day, actually only in a few weeks so it's a good time to write another poem about mothers and to tell you about my upcoming event.

in the glass
I see your face,
clear loving eyes
a slight smile,
I trace the tracks
that frame your eyes
and that soft mouth,
tracks made in joy
and sadness,
I know it's me
in this early morning
half light,
I stare at your face
wishing I could touch
the sweet papery smoothness
of your cheek,
wishing I could hear
the conviction in your voice
as you tell me
which way I should turn
as I contemplate
the years
left to me,
wishing I could bring you back
to share them with me.

I dedicated my first collection of poems to my mother, even naming it for her--"I am My Mother's Only Poem." And now as Mothers' Day approaches I am happy to be doing a reading and an art exhibit at Long Island Writers House on May 7 from 1:00-4:00.

I hope to see my blog readers there as I discuss the marriage of poetry and art and why I find it to be the most rewarding of my creative pursuits.

You can find information at 

Come on out and hear some poetry, look at some art, and have some refreshments!

Art and books will be for sale and would make perfect Mothers' Day presents!


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