I'm getting into focus again with poetry and art. Yesterday I reorganized my art supplies and started a layered background piece to mount a poem on. Art and poetry are definitely anchors for me. They bring me closer to my heart and soul and I turn to them for grounding and support. But today I want to talk about other anchors in my life.

Last week at a Weight Watchers meeting my leader Patty asked us to choose an anchor to use when we encounter struggles with staying on program. At first I couldn't come up with anything. Later that night it dawned on me that of course I could use my mother's wedding band and diamond ring that I have been wearing for the past six years. I often spin them around my right hand ring finger or play with them when trying to figure out a puzzle or make a decision. So I decided to use that anchor to also help me stay on track. It was a good choice because I can still here Mom's voice telling me to lose weight so I can be healthy.

That night I had a dream that further reminded me of who my true anchors are. I dreamed about Mom and Dad, not together but in separate dreams. Each dream was vivid and memorable. I woke up at 4:00 at the end of the dream about my father when he was fading away and I was begging him not to leave. I got up right away, wanting to get to my journal and write all the details of the dreams down so I wouldn't forget them. And it came to me like a cliched bolt of lightning.


Not only do I have imaginary conversations with them when I'm looking for guidance and answers to life's questions but when Mom passed my brother Lee and I both said we lost our anchor. How much clearer could it be? When Patty asked us to choose an anchor I should have immediately gone to Mom and Dad. But those dreams came to remind me who my anchors still are even though they are gone, they are still here in spirit leading me in good directions.

I've printed a picture of Mom and Dad and also one of them with Lee and I in front of the house in Levittown to carry with me and be my anchors when I need a bit of stability to keep me on target.


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