On June 12 I held my first book signing event. It was hosted by Julie Hernandez, a good friend and fellow Tapestries Writers' Group member. The signing was held in Julie's space in the yoga studio in Huntington Station and was attended by close friends. It's a good start. Maybe one day my signings will be attended by other poets, new and established writers, and others who will become my future friends.

I am very thankful to Julie and to all who came to see my book, share in some wine and cheese and hear me read. I had not planned to read at the event as I am a bit shy about speaking in front of groups of people. It's a phobia of mine even though I have taught classes of adults and children and presented workshops to my staff and to parents at the special education preschool where I work. In the end it was pretty easy and I'm glad Karen, Lori and Julie encouraged me to do it. Once I got started it was so natural and not anxiety producing at all. I just let myself enter the poem and share the words that come from my heart and soul.

I need to practice doing this so in the future I can be more comfortable and choose my poems and presentation with a purpose in mind. I also want to share some personal stories as background to the poems I read. I should have been better prepared.

From my poetry and art will come a journal writing workshop. It is in the planning stages, but I have a year until I retire to get this business launched. In the meantime my new short story collection is now available at

I look forward to having signings for both books and reading from each book as well.


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