In my journey to connect my writing and my art I have gone from using quotes in my collages and mixed media work, to twining my poetry around my art. In rediscovering the zen-like art of writing haiku I found a perfect match. The brief three lines of haiku, along with the tiny and universal image the words create, make a perfect addition to my mixed media and watercolor art. I have been reading many books on writing haiku, including "The Poetry of Zen" by Sam Hamill, "The Haiku Handbook" by William J. Higginson, and "haiku mind" by Patricia Donegan. These books have given me the skills to write haiku as well as the mindset in which to capture a miniscule moment of my day and put it into words. I add meditation sessions and walks in nature to inspire me and bring me the peace in which haiku may grow and bloom in my art work.


  1. Lovely post, Renee! I'll have to look into those books as I envy people who can write really beautiful/powerful haiku. Thanks for the tip!


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