The mocking bird is a very aggressive and territorial bird. He protects his nest from other birds and from people and is vigilant--or vigilante--when there are eggs in the nest or when he is teaching his young to fly.

Around 3:00 am in the summer months when the bedroom windows are opened I can hear him singing. You can pick out his repertoire of bird calls, usually in the same order each time he puffs up his feathered chest and begins to sing.

But the mocking bird is a thief as well as an aggressive protector. He doesn't have a song of his own, but mimicks the songs of other birds producing a melody copied from robins, blue jays, sparrows and wrens.

I say don't be a mocking bird. You need to create your own song and sing it as loudly as you can. Don't follow the crowd, or the fads, or most popular social group. Don't do what others do. Create your own song and your own destiny. Create your own life. 

Be you!!! Do what you love!!! Love who you are!!!


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