Life has finally settled down and I am returning to my roots.I'm still working 2 days a week but only till mid October and then I will be completely free. Having 5 days a week to follow my heart has been a blessing.

I've been doing a lot more art and pretty much have become obsessed with it. Here is my latest art journal page following some techniques from Vicky Papaioannou. I am addicted to her youtube videos and watch them constantly--of course taking time out to apply the techniques to my own art.

I feel that art is part of my roots as I loved it as a child but in other ways I am returning to other things I love as well. For instance I've cooked dinner twice in the past week! Sounds like a little thing, but my husband Frank is the chef and while I was working he cooked every night. Now I am slowly going back to the kitchen and I love the earthiness of fresh foods and the meditative process of cooking, mixing, chopping and making a pile of ingredients turn into something yummy--kind of what I do with art materials!

Another odd change I'm making is in the tea I drink. For years I've been an imbiber of herbal and specialty teas but now I am going back to my old Tetley tea habit. I just feel very grounded now and am looking forward to having all my time to do the homey and artistic things I enjoy with no stress.

And so, as the art piece above says, "a cup of tea and a good book" is a wonderful pleasure and so I will return to mine.

Till next time--have fun!


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