As I approach my retirement in 3 weeks I am drawn back into the world of art. A comforting place I've been too long away from. So busy with writing I had stored away my art supplies. But now I took them out of the dark attic, and pulled them out from under the bed. Opening my art journal I emabarked on a relaxing day of art with my husband Frank

While he set about sketching and beginning to paint a new watercolor landscape I began two new projects. One a simple art journal page. I painted the background and set it to dry.

Still a lot to do with it. I will post the finished art journal page as soon as the details are done. But the feel of the brush in my hand and the smear of 3 tones of blue paint on the page got my artistic heart racing. I'm so happy to be back at this again.

Since this blog is about the marriage of art and poetry I will share my next project in process. While I am writing a new poetry collection I see how my poems tend to go on into too much generaliztion so I am revising them by cutting lines and revealing the sparkiling kernel of the poem hidden between the lines. Many times the result is a short five line tanka; a Japanese form of poem that is like a haiku with 2 lines of explanation at the end. I've decided to create an altered board book of art and tanka poems. Today I gessoed the book and will next add collage elements before painting over it. I'll share that as I go through each layer until the book is finished.

I hope you'll come along with me and see how each piece of art progresses. And, oh yes, I'll share Frank's progress on his painting as well.

copyright by Renee Howard Cassese


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