The word inspire:
~~ to inhale
~~ to fill someone with the desire to create

So many people approach writers and artists with the question, "where do you get your ideas?" While I do understand why they want to know where stories, paintings, poems, sculptures come from the question still amazes me. That's because ideas seem to find me, rather than my having to seek them in the world around me.

Writers find ideas in places like

  • a budding flower
  • an overheard conversation
  • a news article
  • another story or poem
  • dreams
  • images
For me they come fast and furious all the time. And I find that the more ideas I have the more I get. It's a self priming pump of images, words, thoughts, beliefs, and yes dreams too. Just this morning ideas followed me, causing me to be late leaving for work as I had to jot them down in my inspiration journal or on post-its that I am never without. Because though ideas come to me easily and unbidden they are ephemeral and disappear like clouds on a sunny day. They evaporate into thin air in seconds. I need to grasp them quickly and record them for later use. 

So I hope you will venture out and capture some ideas for yourself. Inhale-inspire-than exhale all that creativity onto a page or canvas and come share your creations here.

Also--keep an eye out for my book giveaway contest on Friday!


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