I know. I've been away from my blog and my art for far too long. But in the humid summer breeze I can feel my muse floating like a saviour and coming closer to me. Her breath is hot and moist and it stirs the muscles of my imagination. It creeps up my arm nudging me back to poetry and art. My fingers tremble at the edge of my watercolor pans and the feel of the slender paintbrush. I have an urge to go back to creating art journal pages, to combining words and images, paint and paper and glue, until my emotions and thoughts unfurl on the page in swirls of color.

I've been taking some online poetry classes and they have exposed me to new poets and new writing styles. I've been trying out new topics, language, and lines for my poems. The challenge these classes offer are fun and help me grow as a writer. And now I want to add color and texture to the words that dance out of my pens. I need to focus on poetry and leave prose behind for a while.

I think an art journal challenge is in the making! I have to decide on materials and frequency of postings so I challenge myself to create and yet not fail to complete the challenge. Perhaps 3 a week would work for a month. I have to ponder the possibilities and see what is challenging yet doable.

I'll get back to you on that!


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