One with the air

This was a perfect day of reading and relaxing. After taking the car for new tires and doing my workout I sat back to simply enjoy. September has drifted in on a cool soft breeze. The air is clear, like blue cellophane and cool as it brushes over the skin. The weather is sublime and I took the opportunity to just kick back and do very little that is productive. Reading in peace and quiet with no interruptions and no pressure of having somewhere to go or something to do was delightful. I pray for more days like this but that is up to Mother Nature and her foibles and whims. For now--just glorious.

I signed up for an online Japanese poetry writing class from Story Circle Network and taught by Lorraine Mejia-Green who is a fabulous teacher. I am looking forward to creating more art and poetry to bring to you on this blog, always marrying words with pictures in one way or another.


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