Be Free

BE FREE--that's what we all want isn't it? Free to be who we are at our very core. Free to blog or not as we wish. But if I'm to have a blog and store up some devoted readers I need to be more present here. This particular piece is mixed media using acrylics and patterned paper. The process is simple and rewarding with lots of depth. I adhere scraps of patterned paper to a canvas board--in this case a small 5X7 size. Then I brayer several layers of coordinating acrylic paint to create my background. I used paper and paint to create the bouquet and alphabet stamps for the words. Then I just add details to make the piece come alive.

It's a creative way to drag myself out of a slump and perhaps a jumpstart into more regular blogging.

At present I am creating a watercolor book of illustrated haiku that I've written over the years. Some of those pages will surely find their way to this blog. Enjoy.

Would love to see your comments and your artwork and poetry too.


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